Old and Hard

I recently read a poem in which the main idea was to remain flexible, and its reason why was quite interesting. In the poem, it compared humans to plants because like plants in our early life we are small and bendable. I think the message that the writer was attempting convey in this comparison is that not only are babies fragile they are very receptive to new ideas and knowledge. The poem continued to compare older people to trees saying that they are stiff and rigid. The message in this comparison was that once people are older they are set in their old ways and do not accept new ideas, like a tree they are immovable.

An issue that this really got me thinking about is same sex marriage. Personally, I believe people should be allowed to marry regardless of race, gender, religion or whatever ridiculous reason people can think of. But, for some reason same sex marriage is not legal in everywhere and I believe the reason for this is older people’s views. The comedian Aziz Ansari put it the best when he said if you look at all the demographics against same sex marriage they’re all going to be dead soon, but if you ask young people they don’t care at all. So, going back to poem, old people are stiff and rigid like trees.So going back to the poem, that is why I believed it when it said old people are rigid and stuck in their old ways. The lesson to be learned from this is not only, to support the rights of homosexual people, but to be accepting of all lifestyles. Whenever you see something you don’t fully understand, don’t disregard it and call it wrong, but be like a sapling, be flexible and welcome the idea before you completely disregard it as wrong.

Power of the Tweet

In today’s world social media is more powerful than ever. Before, social media was just a way to communicate with people who you are friends with, or even people who you aren’t friends with and share the major events of your life. But, today social media is a huge part of people’s lives. For example, I start my morning by looking at Facebook and when I turn on my computer to do my homework, the first thing I do is turn on Facebook. Interestingly enough, for some people this isn’t even the half of that with the various social media outlets of today, it is considered anti-social to just subscribe to one of the sites. I have friends who have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, and some sites I have never even heard of. But to most people, its no big deal to be a part of all of these sites.

My theory is that social media is so much more than just a way to communicate with others. Today social media is used for so many things such as promoting business, promoting yourself, following your favorite team, seeing the clothes your favorite celebrity wears and I am going to be posting this blog to twitter for class. Its as if when you are on social media you have super powers, you can argue with people you might never see in your life, you can see things you will never be able to see with your own eyes, you can observe the inner workings of some of the greatest minds of our time, as well as some of the most “interesting minds” of our time. Also your words have so much more power than ever before because you may not even know it but something you tweet, post, or share is now available for the whole world to see which I believe is why it is so attractive and so scary to people.

A final thought I want to leave you with is that even though you might be skeptical about joining social media, you might as well accept that it will be a necessity soon enough because not only is it in the social world, it is in the class rooms and the work place. So do yourself a favor make a Twitter and let the world hear your voice.-Tejas

Running And Its Importance

Running. Many people undervalue this amazing and essential sport. It is literally the base of almost every sport from tennis to football. There is now way that you are going to catch a football in a game without running (unless the other team has no sense of defense). I, as  runner, see in society all the time where people don’t care for running.

For example, in high school my cross country team had placed in the southern regional ranking in the southern part of the state as eighth. The top seven teams advanced to the state meet. We had missed the state meet by a mere four points. We were essentially later ranked as 13th in the state. That was a major accomplishment for my team and the school for we had never gotten that close to going to that state meet. Later that week the people posted on the school website that we had placed as seventh in the meet and had just missed the state meet. We contacted several times to fix the mistake but they did not. It might seem as a petty thing to argue about, but it seemed as a big deal to me and to my team.

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Confidence. I believe that confidence is the key to life. If you want to do anything, then do it with confidence. Confidence leads to success. When ever I do anything, such as a presentation or even if I am running a race, I try to do it with confidence. If I am on the starting line for a 5k and I am thinking, “I’m gonna beat everyone one my team, and every one in the race.” then I will have a great race. I remember one time I was racing in my first varsity race at the Woodbridge Invitational (the second biggest cross country race in the world) and I thought, “I am going to be the fastest sophomore in this race and I will beat my previous personal best by a huge margin.” I ended up beating my personal best by over 40 seconds and I ended up as the 7th fastest sophomore.

An example of someone with massive amounts of confidence was Steve Prefontaine.

Steve Prefontaine was arguably one of the best amateur runners that ever lived. Coming into his freshman year in college he wanted to be the fastest mile runner that ever lived. As a junior in high school, he had dreamed of going to Munich four years later and racing in the Olympics that were going to be hosted there. He told his mom one day in his junior year in high school, “I’m going to Munich four years from now.” Sure enough he did. He raced in the 5000 meter race and finished fourth place. His mentality for the race was “go for the gold and nothing for the gold.”  His coach later quoted, “Steve could have race for the bronze or the silver and he would have gotten it, but nothing made me as proud as seeing him go for gold.”

Confidence will take anyone places. In all areas such as taking a test, doing a job interview, or even talking to girls(if you are a guy). Have you ever heard the phrase, “Talk to girls with confidence. Girls like confidence.” Confidence shows that you are sure of yourself, and that is attractive. Confidence leads to success.

The Best Is Yet To Come.

As a people we are obsessed with the best. My problem with that is that “being the best” is a relative term because you can only say something is the best out of what you know, when their is be more than you know and to come. For example, people used to think Michael Jordan was the best basketball player that would ever be but then came Kobe and Lebron and people thought twice before saying anything. So why, why do we still obsess over what the best is when we know someday there will be someone or something that is better than the best. My theory is that people can’t let there be things of equal greatness because then they don’t know what to root for. We can use my basketball example again because many people are fans of Lebron, Kobe, and Jordan for the simple reason that they are the best. Also I believe people like arguing over who or what the best is. I know I have argued with my brother on multiple occasions because we disagree on who is better Ronaldo or Messi. Also, if we were nearing the beginning of the NBA playoffs and you turned on sports center I can guarantee they will be comparing Lebron to Jordan.


The point I want to make with this seemingly incoherent paragraph is that their is no point arguing over the best. Their will never be a day where people will be able to say Jordan is the definitive best player in NBA history. Also, we may think Lebron, Kobe, or Jordan are the best but in a couple of years we will argue over the new stars in the NBA. But, of course this is just one example and the idea is that we can’t recognize anything as the best because we don’t know what the best is. So, instead of arguing about the best anything, save your breath because no one can truly know what the best is. A final thought I want to leave you with is that you shouldn’t only admire the best, but have a healthy respect for everything.-Tejas

Why do people hurt themselves?

dead_suicide_fingers_hanging_finger_desktop_1440x900_wallpaper-140926 - Version 2

I recently read the Oedipus plays and a reoccurring theme in the novel is hurting yourself. In Oedipus the King, Jacoste kills herself and Oedipus blinds himself. In Oedipus at Colonus, Polyninces essentially condemns himself to death. Finally, In Antigone, Antigone kills herself. So this left me with the question, why do we hurt ourselves. This question really hit home for me because a friend of used to cut herself/himself because of depression. So after a lot of thinking I realized people hurt themselves because of an overwhelming flood of emotions that causes them to act rashly. For example in Oedipus the King, Oedipus blinds himself. He does this because he learns his wife is also his mother and she had just killed herself. He was hysterical after learning this disturbing information and channeled his emotions by taking out his own eyes, an action anyone in their right mind would regret. Also in Oedipus the King, his wife and mother Jocasta kills herself when Oedipus attempts to learn the truth about his past and his destiny because he does not yet know who Jocasta is. These two examples show how a flood of emotions cause someone to act rashly.  In the second play Oedipus at Colonus, Oedipus’ son Polyninces condemns himself to death because he goes to war and essentially tells his sisters that he wants them to bury him because he knows he is going to die. While he doesn’t appear to be distraught in the book he is a bit presumptuous in his decision because he acts as though his only possible faith is death. While his actions aren’t completely warranted they are somewhat justified because he had been betrayed by his brother, father, and country. In the final play Antigone, Antigone kills herself because she is overwhelmed by the idea of someone else controlling her fate she kills herself so she can still have some control over her life. A real world example of this is that of students in college. Often students, who can’t handle the stress of college payments, being reliant on themselves, and having a future controlled by themselves kill themselves as a release from the stress. In summation, people hurt themselves because they can’t handle the overwhelming emotions of their lives, so they act rashly.

In order to find the answer to a question like this you need to use multiple resources. The first resource I used was the internet. I found many interesting things such as personal accounts of people who dealt with situations that correspond to this question. The information I gained from this is that most suicides occur because of pent up emotion that isn’t channeled correctly. I also found out how people went about solving their problems. Some people went to therapists, some to medication, some to friends and family, and sadly some to hurting themselves or committing suicide. Another interesting idea I heard was that people hurt themselves because they feel inadequate and use this as a form of punishment.For example, I read an article about a student who killed himself because he did not get into any colleges. Another example, was of someone who felt they let down their family because she was inferior to her older sister so she began cutting herself to punish herself. Finally I found a video that spoke about suicide and the reasons people commit suicide, which I have attached below if you would like to see it. Something I found interesting in it was that he said those who commit suicide and survive often say the second the jumped they regretted it, which backs up my idea that people hurt themselves because they can’t handle the overwhelming emotions, and act RASHLY. Also he mentioned he had only lost two people in all his time speaking to suicide jumpers. I found this interesting because here these people are just one step away from death, but after talking to a total stranger for a couple hours they are convinced not too. The conclusion I drew from this is that people don’t really want to hurt themselves they just don’t know what to do about their problems.

Another resource I used to find the answer to my question was my family. While my brother and father had nothing to say on the topic that I hadn’t already heard or thought myself, my mother told me some interesting things about my own family’s dealings with this topic. In order for you to understand the story I’m about to tell you, you should know some history about the time. During the time of the incident that occurred to my family, India and Pakistan were undergoing a series of violent riots because of religious and border disputes. The actual incident involved my grandfather’s family. During a large riot, Pakistan and Muslim extremists killed many Indian Hindus. The specific details of the riot I do not have because I did not want to pester my mother about such a delicate subject. But, this ties back into my family cause my grandfather lost his brother, sister, and his mother. The reason I am telling you this subject because apparently my grandfather’s sister was so traumatized by the violence that she took her own life by burning herself to death and my grandfather’s father(my great grandfather)took his own sight because he had seen so much death while looking for his wife’s and son’s bodies. The methods he used to take his sight I do not know because my mother seemed quite distraught retelling the story. I found this information useful as well because it not only should why people do these things, I was able to internalize it better because it was my own family. The specific things I got from this, were that like I previously people are overwhelmed by the emotions and they don’t know how to channel it because my grandfather’s sister set herself on fire because she couldn’t handle the death around her. Also, because my great grandfather blinded himself because he couldn’t find the bodies of his family an action I’m sure he regretted.

Finally, as I previously stated the reason people hurt themselves is because they are overwhelmed by their life and don’t know what to do with themselves so they make rash decisions.-Tejas

Mental Strength And Reaching The Level To Succeed

The mentality of people dictates the world and how far those people go to reach their goals. There are some people that after a few hardships and they quit and drop out of their task. Then there are others that follow and push on in whatever path that they are on until the day that they die. These are the types of people that achieve their goals and become the leaders of this world.


(Yes, this is Neil Pactrick Harris who plays Barney Stinson from the show How I Met You Mother, which is a great show, but the thing about his character is that he is always very, very persistent.)

I, personally feel that I have a medium high mental strength. When I pursue a goal I do almost everything in my power to reach that goal. I believe that I achieved this mental strength through running (I run competitively). Running in my opinion is one of the most challenging sports in the history of sports ( it was THE FIRST sport). I remember a few weeks ago I was participating in a 5K , and within the first half mile, I had the urge to drop out for my body was protesting against every step. Even through that, I muscled my way through and I attained a medal in the race and also helped my team place in the top three.

People with mental stability and power can go through a lot of pain still push through to meet their goals. sadly not everyone in the community is this way. We cannot push through like what others. Some people May maybe weak or they just have had too much to deal with in their lives at the moment. But, the people that push through are the ones that go above and beyond. These people feel a certain satisfaction from accomplishing (I know that I get a “kick” out of completing an assignment or race).

I know that Tejas (my partner), posted about how children have no limits to their imagination and that is certainly true, but only with age can we come to appreciate the goals that we want and be able to push ourselves to the objective.

Mood for Music

I avidly listen to music because I find music has the ability to intensify any emotion or thought I have. This has become so true for me that I am unable to listen to music and be completely thoughtless because whatever I listen too, my mind makes some kind of connection to an event or idea I have had previously.https://i0.wp.com/www.killerhiphop.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/jungleremix.jpgLet’s look at the song Jungle, as an example. When I hear this song my blood starts pumping, my head starts bobbing to the beat, everything becomes epic, I feel like I can fight in a UFC fight, and I remember when I punched a goalie in the face for stepping on my hand and the glory I felt watching him fall to the ground. Not only that, it reflects the mood I’m in. When I’m listening to this song I’m usually trying to pump myself up before a race or channeling my anger into pull ups. This is just one example of how music affects my mood.


Another song that hits home is That’s Life by Frank Sinatra. This song makes me feel a nostalgic, old timey happiness that no other song can. When the great Sinatra sings,” Many times I thought of quitting baby, but my heart wont buy it,” I can’t help the smile that forces its way onto my face. I listen to this song whenever I think of my family back in India and I am reminded of the good times we have had. I challenge anyone to listen to this song and not smile.


The final song that makes me think is Say My Name by Destiny’s Child. While this song doesn’t cause as passionate an emotional response as the previous songs I mentioned, it does make my laugh and the reason why I don’t know myself. I try to listen to this song if I have to be “sassy” or “fabulous” for a presentation or debate where I have to take on the role of another person. I remember one particular time, I took on the role of a strong independent women, who was defending her “man” because the factory he worked out was being relocated.

A final thought I want to leave you with is that music is a lot more than singing and a beat. Music has the power to make you cry or make you smile, or remember the time you punched the goalie in the face for stepping on your hand and how awesome it felt to punch him. -Tejas


Eyes Of A Child

Children are incredible. They have the ability to be completely original without thinking themselves foolish. Their are very few times when a person, older than what is considered adolescence, have an original thought and do not discredit themselves. As well as originality, children have the ability to look at life without being cynical and welcome new ideas. If we could look at life through eyes of a child I believe the world would be a much easier place to live in, because if we could look at an idea like, gay marriage, and not think “why are they doing that” people would feel more free to be who they really are. Also, if we had the confidence to display our ideas with pride and not hide them away because of what people might think, we would do the world a huge favor because many of the greatest ideas ever conceived were bad ideas in their time. The reason children are able to

do this so well is because they don’t think,”Would an Idiot do that?” Children simply don’t care what people think of them, an admirable quality. Why trouble yourself with the opinions of other people, when you could put them aside and feel great about yourself. When I say, you shouldn’t care about what people think of you, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t welcome any opinions, you should just tune out whatever can’t help you. That is where being older comes in handy. Unlike children who are unreceptive to criticism, adults have the ability to take that criticism and improve. An adult can turn a sloppy idea into a refined organized thought.

Before I end this let me leave you with some advice. Don’t be a pessimistic, cynical, drone. Do yourself a favor and look through the eyes of child. Be original, optimistic, and confident in not only your own abilities, but in others as well. The world looks a lot friendlier and a lot prettier through the eyes of a child. -Tejas

Our Community As Grapes

Grapes.What a wonderful creation by God (or a great evolution). They are lustrous with flavor and are quite good for your health. The small, packed, bubble of greatness embodies(in a figurative way) what many consider the “man”. Like a grape, a man needs to be fun and nice to be around and once you “break the ice” (or break the skin in terms of a grape), you should get a extravagant burst of fun and wonderful times.

Just like the metaphor of a single grape being the “idol of a man”, a cluster of grapes do metaphorically symbolize our society. Grapes grow on their mother tree and they are nurtured there. Just like grapes, our mothers (or who ever took care of us) were our tree an they fed and nurtured us. As for grapes, the sun is their father, they are reliant on the sun, yet the sun didn’t give birth to them and are not only emotionally attached to them, but also physically attached.

Just like us, grapes grow up in  a community filled with peers. They grow in a cluster of other grapes and near by there are even more colonies. Their period of developing is just like ours and until they are at the perfect period of time, they are not good. If the grapes are too old, then they will be squishy and not as fun to eat. Just like them, children can often be annoying when they are young. Young adults in our society are fun to be around as they are always energetic and have great ideas, and old people have fun stories, but they cannot do much as their bodies wont allow them to.

As in our society, grapes have the occasional “sour grape”. These people (and grapes) destroy the world instead of helping it. A “sour grape” or a grape that is infected with a diseases infects other grapes in the proximity. A bad influence in our society taint the children and others that we come in contact on a day to day basis. These people are not needed in our society, but sadly they exist.

A community of grapes are a great analogy for our society. They show many characteristics that we show (figuratively). Everyone could learn a few things from grapes and how they act. Bottom line is. Grapes. Are. Awesome.