The Best Is Yet To Come.

As a people we are obsessed with the best. My problem with that is that “being the best” is a relative term because you can only say something is the best out of what you know, when their is be more than you know and to come. For example, people used to think Michael Jordan was the best basketball player that would ever be but then came Kobe and Lebron and people thought twice before saying anything. So why, why do we still obsess over what the best is when we know someday there will be someone or something that is better than the best. My theory is that people can’t let there be things of equal greatness because then they don’t know what to root for. We can use my basketball example again because many people are fans of Lebron, Kobe, and Jordan for the simple reason that they are the best. Also I believe people like arguing over who or what the best is. I know I have argued with my brother on multiple occasions because we disagree on who is better Ronaldo or Messi. Also, if we were nearing the beginning of the NBA playoffs and you turned on sports center I can guarantee they will be comparing Lebron to Jordan.

The point I want to make with this seemingly incoherent paragraph is that their is no point arguing over the best. Their will never be a day where people will be able to say Jordan is the definitive best player in NBA history. Also, we may think Lebron, Kobe, or Jordan are the best but in a couple of years we will argue over the new stars in the NBA. But, of course this is just one example and the idea is that we can’t recognize anything as the best because we don’t know what the best is. So, instead of arguing about the best anything, save your breath because no one can truly know what the best is. A final thought I want to leave you with is that you shouldn’t only admire the best, but have a healthy respect for everything.-Tejas

One thought on “The Best Is Yet To Come.”

  1. I really like how you used basketball players as a modern analogy for people ti understand easily. I understand you’re main point that its futile to decide who is the best is when there can be someone better. But people sometimes take things from the past and say this is the best, like Homer’s Epics. But there all opinions anyways.


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