Running And Its Importance

Running. Many people undervalue this amazing and essential sport. It is literally the base of almost every sport from tennis to football. There is now way that you are going to catch a football in a game without running (unless the other team has no sense of defense). I, as  runner, see in society all the time where people don’t care for running.

For example, in high school my cross country team had placed in the southern regional ranking in the southern part of the state as eighth. The top seven teams advanced to the state meet. We had missed the state meet by a mere four points. We were essentially later ranked as 13th in the state. That was a major accomplishment for my team and the school for we had never gotten that close to going to that state meet. Later that week the people posted on the school website that we had placed as seventh in the meet and had just missed the state meet. We contacted several times to fix the mistake but they did not. It might seem as a petty thing to argue about, but it seemed as a big deal to me and to my team.

Another thing that is not general knowledge is that we, humans, were literally “Born to run.” Well actually a better phrase might be “Evolved to run.” If you look at human anatomy and the history/mystery of us humans and how we survived on this Earth from a secular point of view, you will see that it is in fact true. To be more accurate we humans were not evolved by nature to be sprinters but rather endurance runners. Almost every predator, or even prey, in the wild can out strip us in a race up to two miles, but only a few would succeed in beating the top olympic endurance runners in a long distance race (for example: 30 miles). The cheetah THE perfectly crafted running machine can only run for a mile and a half before it will over heat and die. I once read in a article or a book, “If there is one thing that humans can do well, it’s sweating.” Humans can respirate and cool down at the same time, a trait that animals like the gazelle and horse do not have. For example, if you have ever seen a dog pant then you would know that they would have to do it while they at or in a rest like position. They cannot exercise and cool down their bodies at the same time. This was actually the method that we humans used to catch, or rather run down, our food before we had tools and weapons.

Running is all kinds of helpful to us and our society. If society did not view running as a way of punishment or when you grow older, as a way to lose weight to look more appealing to whatever sex that they wish to be noticed by. Running is clinically proven to release stress and grow confidence and self- esteem. I have noticed with my self and some of my other friends agree with me, is that when I think when I run my thinking becomes clearer and I feel generally better. Also, the more physical symptoms of running is that it keeps our bodies lean and healthy. Imagine a world where there are no cholesterol induced heart attacks or type two diabetes. Imagine a world with most of its depression and suicide problems gone. That is what running (if taken as a hobby not a punishment or a means to an end) would allow us to achieve.

There is a great book that is a great read that elaborates more on running. It is called Born To Run by Christopher McDougall.


3 thoughts on “Running And Its Importance”

  1. Great post! I can relate in how you explain how important running is. I feel that people don’t appreciate the sport or value it as much as they do football or basketball. Running is HARD. Takes a lot of determination and endurance. You are also right when you say that it relieves stress. Both you and I know this when I say the “runner’s high.” It’s just that awesome feeling you get from running and it makes you feel much better. I also read somewhere that physical activity and you brain are connected. People believed the motor neurons were separated from you brain activity but they actually support each other. So yes, running does help brain activity in the sense that it clears your mind like you said. Again, awesome post. Very interesting. 🙂

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  2. Great post! I have clinical depression and anxiety and in lieu of medication my doctor suggested I take up running, because studies have shown that a regular running regiment has the same effect as antidepressants at the end of 16 weeks (patients on medication felt better faster, but those who were running saw the same amount of improvement at the end of the study) It has been a godsend for me! I want to be like “why doesn’t everyone run? It is the best thing ever!” If only everyone knew just how much good running does, especially when not viewed as punishment.


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