How The World Works

The way I see it, the world is run by people trying to please someone. Whether it is a student trying to please their parents by achieving exceptional grades or a CEO trying putting on a facade in order to portray his or her company in a pleasing manner.  In my opinion, people need to just “chill.” Sometimes you shouldn’t care what other people think.


Caring what others think too much will give them power over your life. I see this most in teenagers, especially the females, where everything they do is based on what society and their friends will think of them. That is why when something becomes “hip” or is “cool” it circulates and hierarchically diffuses through out the world. A prime example was the song Gangnam Style. Most of the world did not know what the  lyric meant yet they still listened to the song and “liked” it because it was popular. I personally, after hearing the song over 15 times, got kind of sick with it and after a while, others started to agree with me that the song did get kind of boring, especially since most of us could not understand the lyric.


What others think of us does matter in certain situations. For example, I personally would not want to make a bad impression on my boss or maybe someone who I was attracted to. I also would restrain myself in front of my family because we have the deepest respect for each other and for that to be shattered would leave a hole in my life.


If leaving your life to be judged by others makes you happy, then by all means BE JUDGED! Doing what is right for yourself and your immediate family and friends are the most important things in the world. It’s just sad when people go to great lengths to place impressions on people that do not matter in their lives and may or may not ever communicate or talk to them again.

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