The World Through A Runners Eyes

There is an inference that runners(especially hardcore runners) only see other people as

Fat, lazy people that don’t do anything productive with their lives.



Well, I guess that they do sometimes (I know that I do….), but mostly i see people that could build themselves IF ONLY THEY RAN. My co-blog administrator(?) Tejas when I knew him couple years ago did not run. We went to school together and I kept on trying to convince him to join our schools cross country or track team. He did indeed join the next year and his excuse to me was that we did not know each other that well. He thoroughly enjoys running now (at least I think he does) and we run together whenever the opportunity arises. Truthfully, When ever I am traveling and I see amazing sites and huge mountains, I am always wondering what running on them would feel like. When I see a mountain and a steep trail snaking through the side I’m thinking, “Damn, that would trash my quads,” or “I can feel the lactic acid.” (Totally a runner thing to say) Since I live in Southern California I have access to lots of hills that provide for a great way to train for a race. Also, when I am traveling to a dry place, for example the Grand Canyon, I think, “Wow! I would hate to live here. It would be too dry too run, even though the scenery is amazing.”


Of course that may only only be my experience and I might be TOO into running.

I also see people who suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesterol and think that if they ran, instead of taking multiple pills each day, their disease would improve. An example of this is my dad. He suffers from high blood pressure and high cholesterol which is actually hereditary in our family (and is also no helped by the fact that we are of the Indian culture and our food consists of lots of fats and oils). I probably later in my life will develop high blood pressure but i can begin to treat it now by running. My father, recognizing the opportunity that running will bring to help in controlling the high blood pressure and cholesterol that he suffers from. He runs twice a day, daily, when he wakes up in the morning at five and also at seven in the evening before dinner. The doctor has shown that he has much better results now that he exercises and runs daily.



The world is in fact beautiful through a runners eyes (and a lot healthier too).



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