My partner in crime has made several posts about running, so I feel its appropriate that I add to the discussion. I began running when Amogha, my partner forced me to join the school’s cross country. Before, I actually gave in I made every excuse I could think of like I have no time, I am not fast, I don’t know anyone, or I don’t like running. The reason was for the fear of trying something new.

My fears were confirmed the first day of summer camp I didn’t no anyone, I was the slowest on the workout, I was tired and sore, and I was almost late for volunteering at the library. So I did what any kid would do and asked my parents if I could quit, but they said you started this so your going to finish it. Even though I didn’t know it then, that was probably the best things my parents ever told me to do. So, I continued on and I don’t know what happened but around a month in I felt a new springiness in my legs, my body felt stronger, my breathes felt more controlled, and my mind more confident and I was able to finish that workout first and

I probably will never forget that moment in my entire life.

While it sounds like a very trivial thing, it was important to me because it gave me the confidence to keep trying and to not give up on the sport. But, that was just one half of my fears, the next thing was trying to be friends with the other guys on the time. Luckily, I had Amogha to help me get to know everyone but it wasn’t until I forced myself to spend time with them that I became friends with them.

I know Muhammad Ali is a boxer and that I am talking about running but I believe his is the example of never giving up because he did one of the most physically and mentally taxing sports of all and rose above the odds to be a champion and I can guarantee he wasn’t a champion his first day.

The lesson to be learned from this is that you can’t be afraid to try things because if I didn’t try it I wouldn’t have some of the friends I have now and I wouldn’t be in the physical shape I am now either. Also, you can’t give up once things get tough because if you do you won’t be able to harvest the fruits of your labor. -Tejas


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