Prostitution And Its Illegality

(I am writing this blog from the United States)

Prostitution should be legal. This is just a straight, very reasonable fact. This is not from some weird self motive, but concrete logical thinking. Legalizing prostitution would bring change to the community in ways that we can only imagine.

The most prominent change that it would cause is the levels of STD’s to fall. This might sound counter intuitive, but statistics show otherwise. In Canada, where prostitution is legal, about .2% of the population is infected with HIV and in Germany, where it is also legal, it is .091%. In the United States the percentage of the population infected with HIV is 4.6%.


The number of people infected with HIV for every 100,000 persons.

As you can see there is a obvious decrease in legal countries.

That is not the only reason. If prostitution was legalized, then people could construct places, much like brothels, but these places could be regulated by the government or the local police department. They could continually check that the safe sex is in action and the chance of transmitting diseases is as low as it can be.

Acknowledging that the sex workers in these “brothels” would be much safer then paying for sex on the street, customers would find themselves visiting these places rather than buying service from a “5 dollar crack whore” on the street. These “crack whores,” working on the streets have most likely been exposed to an extensive amount of STD’s. They have most likely been exposed to violence, and have been exposed to assault. Seeing that the work is else where, and that the work is safer, the prostitutes on the street would find work in a safer environment.

These places would also help protect the sex workers themselves. It is inferred that the “houses” would have security in order to protect the sex workers from people who are under the influence or not complying to the rules in place. If any sign of aggression is seen what so ever, him or her would be detained and arrested for assault or attempted assault.

This in turn would keep the community and the “streets” safer.

An important pro of this situation is that money would be better distributed and used. From the money that the workers earn, they would add their contributions to the community through buying products and services from local stores and businesses. They would also reinvest in the community and help build local businesses.

The money that these people make is not bad either. If someone wants to live a high lifestyle, but they do not have the money, option, or time to go to college and obtain an education, then this profession may be for them (granted they must want to do this voluntarily). The average income for a working day for a high escort ranges from 700 to 1000 dollars. If the person works five day a week, for 45 weeks they earn yearly $157, 700. Thats compared to going to school at least 6 more years after the completion of high school to qualify as a nurse. That’s a lot of time and money spent to earn the same amount of money.

The most important thing that I believe will result from this event is the gradual decline of the degrading effect that the word “prostitute” has. We, people in society, when we hear the word prostitute our mind immediately goes to an unclean person who is most likely sick, and is engaging in the activity in order to obtain narcotics or support them selves finically for they have result to such a “low” activity to keep their life style. . This is sadly true in some cases, but some people just want to be a sex worker. I have read multiple other blogs and posts from people that claim to be “escorts” and they state that they chose the profession for it is what they have wanted to do. I, personally am a judgmental personal nature and I believe that is because I was raised in a judging family. I want to let go and remove myself from the judging monster side of me, but I can’t, for it is deeply embedded in me. I hope that through the legalizing of prostitution, our future generations will prove to be less judgmental and more welcoming.

Prostitution should be legalized in the United States. I hope thai I inspired people to change their mindset and thinking towards prostitution. I do also hope that we can also change the mind of our government in the near future.



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