Army Ink

Not to long ago, the army said they were no longer going to allow those with tattoos to join and those in the army could no longer get tattoos. The very idea of this made me cringe. First of all I believe the social stigma that comes along with having a tattoo is completely unprecedented because for some people tattoos are strictly cultural and for others it is a way to prove their individuality through inking their bodies with a design that is significant to them. So, why then do people assume that those with tattoos are not good people. I believe this is because of the terrible habit that humans posses when one person does something bad we alienate the whole demographic that they belong too. An example of this is how people automatically assume that Muslims, or any person of color for that matter, are terrorists. It is the same thinking that goes into the decision to make tattoos because a few people made mistakes and happened to have tattoos we automatically develop this negative perception of anyone who has a tattoo.

Going back to the issue at hand, why is the army banning tattoos at all? I think this is because of what I previously said that tattoos have a certain image attached to them that gives an image of being “unprofessional”. I understand that the army wants to maintain a professional image that exemplifies discipline and maintains an image of uniformity but this action won’t create uniformity it will create conformity which is very different. Being united should be something that happens WILLINGLY not through ridiculous actions like this one that will cause more harm than good. Also, this brings up a bigger issue that needs to be addressed which is we need to abandon these ridiculous stereotypes and value the substance of a person rather than their exterior. Using this as an example, we need to value these men and women as people who are willing to give up their lives for their countries but instead of appreciating them we are saying “you have to look this way”-Tejas

This video goes into more depth about what exactly the army is banning and express some views on the topic.–army-set-to-ban-certain-tattoos-517945765


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