Raining/Cold Weather And Its Stigma

Why do people not like to venture out into the world when it is raining? I believe that it is because of what we experience when we are children.

Our mothers (or guardians) have brainwashed it into our brains. They have placed a image that going outside while it is raining or cold will make you sick. That is a total lie. People get sick in the winter because people tend to hole up inside their houses and bacteria is spread all that easier. They do not have the proper ventilation in side of their homes and, what causes the most trouble is, the heating system. The dry air leads to dry nasal passage ways and that helps in giving viruses a “toehold” in your system. Read more here.

I remember when I was around the age of eight and my family had just moved into our new home and other than packing, everyone was content. That same day, it was raining, and being a little kid I naturally had the urge to run outside and jump around dizzyingly in the rain and crawl through the puddles. I wanted to roll around in the mud in a nearby field and throw mud balls. That one time, my mother let me go, thinking why not. I don’t remember the exact details but I do remember having a great time.

Coincidentally, I got sick with the flu later that week.

My mom used that time as and example SO many times that I started to get a little mad when I became a little too often. Now that I look back at the time, there was a boy in my school who had been one of my best friends and he had been uneasily sick only 2 days before.

The cold may help viruses to transmit themselves. The colder weather makes the “skin” of the viruses to be tougher. This grants them the ability to transmit faster and more effectively.

This stigma has actually led to the transmission of more germs. As people believe that the cold weather outside will cause them to get sick, they will remain inside, where they are “safe.” This false sense of security will only help the transference of the virus.



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