Rainy Days

Its that time of year again when sky gets darker, lights become brighter, and the smell of hot chocolate fills the air. Its that time where people really feel the holiday spirit. It may be hard to believe but here in California, land of the tan surfers, we feel it too. In California, we don’t have snow blanket the streets, or ice on the windows, but we do get some pretty intense winds and the occasion rainy day. Its on these rainy days that I really feel the holiday spirit the most.

My rainy day ritual is much like every other California resident, go to school, get wet, go home, shower, and relax. While it seems awfully routine for some people its special in its on way. For some the best part of their day is running in the rain to keep from getting wet and for others its getting home and cuddling up with a good book. For me, my favorite thing about rainy days is being able to shower in the warm water after being in the cold all day long and having a warm meal that feels like your insides are being wrapped in a blanket. I find it interesting how people could have essentially the same day yet, totally different things were the highlight of their day.

In my class we went around the room asking each other what our favorite thing about rainy days was and most people said hot chocolate but, each person had a different story about what made hot chocolate special such as watching a movie with family or for me it was going to Starbucks after being in the cold rain and my dad buying me the first thing I had ever had at Starbucks. It made me realize how memories aren’t just memories, memories are what you make of them. What I mean is, that day with my dad could have just been trying hot chocolate, but it became so much more after cherishing each an every thought and sensation I felt as I drank that hot chocolate. So, these holidays make sure and cherish the little day to day things that are special to you.

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