The captivating taste of a doughnut. The slightly crusty glazed outside with the soft, almost creamy, inside. The taste that takes many into another world of taste and enlightenment. That taste, I had not experienced until I was the age of nine.

The classic response to this statement usually is ‘What the hell! You hadn’t had a doughnut until you were nine?’ I then have ti go through the long and drawn out explanation of why I was not able to experience this creamy deliciousness. Circumstances had not allowed me to, for I had lived in a small country named Nepal in Asia until I was the age of five. (Nepal is truly a beautiful country by the way, and if you are looking to travel somewhere to gaze upon beautiful mountains, untouched meadows, and pristine lakes then you should visit Nepal). I then moved to Belgium (which was really cool with their AMAZING chocolates and cheeses) where my dad got his masters degree. I don’t know if Belgium doesn’t have doughnuts, or that I didn’t find them, but I did not get to try one in Belgium. My family and I then moved to Michigan where after the first month, I had my first doughnut. It happened to be a Double Chocolate Eclair, which to this day is still my favorite type of doughnut. It has the perfect combination of chocolate and bread.

To many, doughnuts are for fat police officers while they are on patrol. They eat doughnuts because they are easy to handle as well as eat. Yet doughnuts takes some people back to their childhood (like me) when they were young and care free. A time where they had the blissful freedom that comes with not having to pay bills and having absolutely no responsibilities (well, other than keeping your hygiene up).  “People Are Children.” Everyone does have an inner child in them. Mine is released through doughnuts and falling headfirst down a steep hill.


Doughnuts are a lot more to our community than we make them to be. They provide safety and comfort in times of trouble and bond people together after an accomplishment or strenuous exercise. Doughnuts are love. Doughnuts are life.

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