The Wheel Of Appearance Revolves Quickly

One of the most important things I have learned in all my years of school is how much people change. I knew people in elementary school that if I ever tried to connect with that person they used to be it would be futile because of how much they changed. I am no exception, in eighth grade I was 5’1 and 120 pounds and if you can’t already figure it out, out of shape. But just a year later I was 5’5 and a 125 pounds, and In much better shape because I had added a fair bit of muscle mass. One of my closest friends in elementary school, who shall remain nameless, used to be a very studious and lovable kid, once we reached middle school we began to drift apart and became a “nerd”, but today he is a big meat headed football player, and I’m not exactly sure if he maintained his grades but I’d bet he didn’t. While I do believe it is wrong to make broad generalizations about people, I feel as though putting it in relative terms such as “nerd” or “meat headed” makes it easier to see the change.

A more popular person who went through this change is Jay-Z or Shawn Corey Carter underwent a major change in his life. He was born into a family where he had to sell drugs just to skirt by in life and after using his financial savvy he has made himself into a multimillionaire record producer/rapper who is married to one of the most beloved women in the world, Beyonce.

Another person who has changed alot in a short amount of time is Emma Watson. Once, a wide eyed adorable little girl of the Harry Potter franchise, is now a beautiful women who has become the fantasy of men and women all over the world.

A quote that I feel describes this process better than anything is “The wheel of appearance of revolves quickly” which is used in the famous Siddhartha, where Siddhartha goes from being a Brahmin to a Samana to a rich man, to a broke man, and finally as a ferry driver. -Tejas


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