A common belief in life is that once you leave high school, you choose your field and essentially stick with it till you retire. Anyone who doesn’t follow this path is often looked down upon because they “quit” what they initially thought they would do. But just because you don’t follow through with something doesn’t mean you crashed the car it just means you took a wrong turn.

Jimmy Graham

A great example of making a wrong turn is Jimmy Graham. We all know Jimmy as the all star tight end on the Saints but few people know that he played four years of college basketball with the University of Miami and only played one year of football with the university. He was picked in the third round by the Saints and was considered as a gamble. In  just his second season he one of the best seasons of any tight end in the history in the NFL, and in turn joined the list that contains all the formidable tight ends in the NFL like Rob Grownkowski. I can guarantee that Jimmy Graham thanks whatever god or deity he prays to that he choose to play football.

The point of this story is that, I’m sure Jimmy was looked down upon for his seemingly rash decision to play football after dedicating all that time to basketball but that didn’t stop him from following the path he thought was right.

“Many people have to change a great deal and wear all sorts of clothes”

So why is it people are still scared to change their path. I believe it’s because of the lack of understanding from society. The stigma with people not following through with what the begin is completely unreasonable. People are expected to know what they want to do with the rest of their life as soon as they exit high school and in some cases even earlier. I have found this especially bothersome because at this point in my life I have no idea what I want to do. A final though to leave you with is that sometimes you have to try many things before you find something you really love and excel at and its okay to take the time to find it. -Tejas

4 thoughts on “Experience”

      1. Well, Jackson had a dilemma to play either baseball or basketball in college and professionally, thus he choose to do both despite the fact that he played the two sports at the same time. He is the only player to be named to an all star game at two sports. #thegreatestathlete
        Jimmy Graham played both sports in high school, he just had trouble picking which sport he wanted to play as a career.


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