2015 (not 2014)

New Year, New Me! (I hate that phrase with a burning passion)

I have now made it my life goal to never say those words again and shun everyone (for a brief amount of time if I like them, longer if I don’t) that ever utters those words again.

The first mistake that everyone makes when it is a new year is when they have to write the date and they accidentally write 14 instead of 15. It’s possibly one of the stupidest but most common mistakes. Being a perfectionist (which gets annoying), it is extremely aggravating whenever I get something wrong again and again.

Now, New Years resolutions are something that almost everyone will do at least once in their life time. I, myself, try to abstain from New Years Resolutions because they are so cliché and only a small amount of people have the perseverance and the self dedication to see one through. It could be anything from never seeing your ex again to trying, trying DESPERATELY, to work out 4  to 5 times a week.  And the worst part of these resolutions is when you fail to complete one. It is just something else to add to the ever amounting pile of stress that the modern world and society places upon us.

Anyways, for this year I aim for a couple things for this blog that I share with Tejas. I hope (we hope) to post almost every week and continue writing about things that randomly come to us. It is something that we have already done moderately well in so it is in no way a resolution in my eyes. Also, for my personal life, I hope to continue to run everyday and maintain a level of fitness that many people would envy (I sound pretty cocky).

This may be a bit belated but I do sincerely hope everyone a happy year. May we look forward unto our futures with our heads held high and try not to let the disaster of 2014 drop its ugly shadow unto us. Hopefully we shall leave extremities such as the Miley Cyrus craze in 2014. May we quickly relieve ourselves of the calamity that ebola has brought. Have a great 2015.


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