Be A Wolf

I often have friends tell me they didn’t do certain things for the fear of what people say. I respond by saying that is absolute foolishness. A quote that explains my thought process when saying this is

“Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.”

What this quote is literally saying is that wolves don’t concern themselves with the opinion of sheep because they are indisputably superior to the sheep. Also, sheep most likely lose sleep over wolves which I think symbolizes the idea “if you got a problem with me, its your problem” which may same as arrogant and narrow minded but allow me to expand on this thought. The reason I think this way, is because I believe their are too many important things in the world and too little opportunities for happiness to drive yourself crazy over the thoughts of others. I am not saying not to listen to anyone’s criticism and live in a dream world, but rather listen to the important stuff and put anything that doesn’t out of your mind.


Take these shoes for example. As you may know from previous posts me and my partner are runners and obviously for running you need a great pair of shoes and these are mine but they aren’t the typical Asics as you can see. I bought these shoes knowing other people wouldn’t like them, for some reason the fact that other people don’t like them make me like these shoes that much more. Whenever someone says anything negative about my shoes, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest because nothing beats the happiness I get it when I wear them.

Another example of staring adversity in the face and just not caring is Kobe Bryant, who not only disregards anything negative against him but uses it as fuel to feed the fire of his own  competitive spirit. A specific event I remember where Kobe showed his toughness in this respect was shortly after he tore his achilles and people said his career was over and he ignored it completely saying it helped his recovery and came back and played not at the level of the Kobe Bryant we were used too but at a level that showed all the haters that Kobe’s career was far from over. Kobe is a wolf and you should be too and you can be by doing what makes you happy and not letting anyone else ruin it.


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