The Bike

I was one of the kids that would bike to wherever they needed to go. I didn’t do it because my parents couldn’t drive me, but because I loved riding my bike. It might be because I love to pedal my heart out and feel the wind buffet against my body or it may be because of just how simple everything is on my bike. My family and friends hate my bike because they think it’s broken and I ride it anyways. When they say its broken they are referring to the wheel I bent when I got hit by a car while getting lunch, the chain that comes off from time to time, and the front breaks that no longer work for reasons that even I don’t know. But for some reason, whenever a part falls off my bike or I notice some sort of new damage to my bike it just increases my love for it. I think its because it reminds me of all the good times I’ve had on it. I remember one particular time when me and some friends were out partaking in some activities late at night that involved eggs and a friend’s cheating ex-girlfriend’s house. Long story short we assumed they were sleeping, we were wrong, they pulled into the driveway while we were admiring our work and me and my friend made a quick get away with my friend holding on to the back of my bike with him on a skateboard. The rest of our friends weren’t as lucky and let’s just say the father of the family had a way with words and knew the numbers of their parents.

My bike before I ruined almost every part of it.

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I Remember

I remember my first memory (weird line). T’was a hot day and my mom had forbidden me from going outside. Realizing that I couldn’t go and play with my friends, I settled for the next best thing. My brother. I was running through my house in Nepal as my one year and nine months old brother was chasing me on his chubby legs. He tripped and fell on his face and I found super funny. And since it was caused by himself he did not cry. (Side-note: have you noticed that toddlers do not cry when they hurt themselves and they think there is no one around to console them? If someone is in the vicinity that they hurt themselves in, then they will bawl their eyes out.)  I went over to him laughing and to check if he was alright. He was, thankfully, so I didn’t get in trouble for ‘hurting’ my brother.

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A Great Way To Improve Your Life Style

“You just ran 4:58!” — Coach Penell

Running, more specifically distance running, has always been the sport that I have done. The first time I was submerged into the fantastic world of running was in my 8th grade year. Track tryouts had come and I tried out for sprints. I was above average and I made the sprinting team, but as events followed I did not hear the sprint coaches call my name when the sprinters and distance runners were being separated. As fate would have it, I was introduced to distance running. Right away it was apparent that I was good at it. I would pull away from fellow runners during workouts. I would run faster in races. My distance running career had started.

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What Should Be Done

Imagine walking the distance equivalent, to that of Detroit to Los Angeles in just one year. That was the reality for James Robertson. Every single day he had to walk a total of 21 miles to get to work and back because he couldn’t afford to get his car fixed and every single day a wealthy banker saw him walk until one day he offered him a ride. The banker learned his story and decided to share it out on Free Press. A young college student learned his story and had to help, so he created a fund to help James Robertson buy a car. In just one month he raised 350,000 dollars for James Robertson and the generous people at a Ford dealership gave him a Red Ford Tarus, free of charge. Today, James Robertson is enjoying his new apartment outside of the dangerous Detroit area he previously lived in and a well deserved time of leisure after ten years of hard work.

James Robertson making his twenty one mile trek to work.

“You should never be proud of doing what’s right. You should just do what’s right.”-Dean Smith

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Is Technology Ruining Our Gene Pool?

The gene pool. Everything that we are and will ever be is contained in that vast amount of information. Yet, it may be at risk, a risk caused by no one other than ourselves, humans!

Modern technology with its ever increasing capabilities to keep our human bodies alive, is making our human gene pool weak as a side effect is. For example, some people are color blind. In our society now,this does not propose a great weakness that could potentially result in our deaths. If it had happened a few thousand years ago, then it may have proved to be a very serious serious problem. If the person who was colorblind could not distinguish between a poisonous berry and a harmless berry then…. That gene would soon die out in one or two generations, thus cleansing the gene pool.

The first thought that pops up on many minds is the thought, “How do we fix this then?” That there is the crux of the problem as there is no way to solve this unless we steal Arthur de Gobineau’s and Houston Stewart Chamberlain’s ideas of the Aryan race that Hitler used to justify his systematic killings of the Jewish population. And we can’t suggest taking away human medication and let millions of people die.

The diversity in our gene pool may yet be a good thing. If a worldwide pandemic were to break out, there would be many different types of mutations of our genes in this world and a fair number of them would definitely be able to resist the disease due to a genetic advantage.

That earlier situation could also lead to yet another insecurity in our genes. For example, people living in Africa and the Middle East have been terrorized by malaria. So, through thousands of generations, they have grown an ability to resist that disease in the form of Sickle Cell. The sickle shaped cell does not allow malaria to spread throughout the body as well, effectively stopping the disease in a large population. But, Sickle Cell Anemia in itself is a very harmful disease. I had a friend in middle school that suffered from Sickle Cell Anemia, but she recovered, thankfully. She had to borrow stem cells from her brother and grow them inside of her in order to stop her blood from clotting.

Nevertheless we have to live with what we have made ourselves. I can only hope that in the future there comes an event in which we can test ourselves to make our society and people ‘stronger’.

Can I Hit You With A Baseball Bat?

Every so often, there comes along a special person who has the remarkable ability to make me want to drill fingers through my eyes. Whenever that special person comes along I think “How bad would it be if I hit you with a bat.” When I say how bad, I am saying what would the punishment be because, I could kill someone with a bat but, what if I just seriously injured them. The gray area in our justice system lies in that precise scenario, because a situation like this would became a trial for attempted murder, and a person who fully intended to kill that person could get away with it and serve a much lighter sentence. So what is stopping me from hitting someone with a baseball bat if I don’t care about a little jail time or a fine, nothing.


I believe the only way to stop me from hitting someone with a bat would be to have a better prevention system. At this moment (unless I was in somewhere like Dubai where they cut off the hands of thieves and have essentially scared everyone straight) I could go around hitting people with bats, but I wouldn’t if we had a more active police force or if their was a bigger punishment for even small crimes.

“Innocent until proven guilty”

This quote bothers me because it means a crime has to occur, because you can only be guilty if you have done something. So my solution would be to have a more active police force because if you stop a crime for ever happening then you don’t have to worry about who did what, its black and white. I know this is easier said than done, but it can be done.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 8.40.26 PM
We can do better than this.

We can accomplish this goal if we employ more officers and keep more of them around in places where people are falling victim to urban violence like Inglewood, Chicago or we can use our system where people fall victim to urban violence, mothers lose their children, and criminals are back on the streets. To answer the question I started this with, I would say in our current society, I can hit you with a baseball bat.