BIgger Than The Game

“Holding on to his knee, Holding on to his knee and down.” -Kevin Harlan

To any Chicago Bull’s fan, these words stung like daggers because everyone knew that this meant that Derrick Rose was out. In game one of the first round of the NBA playoffs Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls went up against the eighth seed Philadelphia 76ers. The game went exactly as it should have with the Bulls dominating every quarter and the former MVP, Derrick Rose, playing in spectacular form. But—in the last minutes of the fourth quarter Derrick Rose sprinted to the rim, jumped, landed, and couldn’t stand back up. Derrick had torn the ACL in his left knee, which meant he could be out for as long as a year and he definitely wouldn’t be returning for the playoffs which took away the first seed Chicago Bulls, chance at a title.


I am a huge Derrick Rose fan and I remember watching that game smiling through the whole thing because the Bulls looked strong, strong enough to beat the Miami Heat who had just assembled their big three, in Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. Then came Kevin Harlan’s infamous words and I watched in disbelief as my favorite player, a person I idolized couldn’t get off the ground. Then a year later he made his return and of course missing a year of basketball took its toll but I was patient because I knew that he would hit his stride eventually, and again he was down. This time in the right knee and a torn meniscus. I watched another year and once again he made his comeback. This time, he had finished the first half of the season not at MVP level but at a level that gave me hope that he could someday come back to be what he used to be. Last week, as you may have already heard Derrick Rose injured himself yet again by tearing the meniscus in the left knee. But, this time there is hope he could return as soon as four weeks.


What you may be thinking is why is he still your favorite player, MOVE ON. To be honest, I wondered that myself but then I realized my admiration of Derrick Rose is bigger than just basketball. Back in 2011, I was a fan of the way he dominated the game with his explosive dunk, ridiculous speed, unreal agility, and his overall superhuman athleticism. But, now I respect that he never gives up, that he puts a 110% into every game, and I still believe that someday, whether its this year or the next, he will be the MVP again. This bigger point from all this is that when we watch sports, were not just watching a player get a triple double, or a team come back with an interception, or a pitcher who just pitched a perfect game, we are watching a player or a team refuse to give up and leaving everything they’ve got on the court, field, ice, or whatever they play on. So the next time you’re watching your favorite team play think about how its all more than just a game.

Derrick Rose Dunking

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