I Remember

I remember my first memory (weird line). T’was a hot day and my mom had forbidden me from going outside. Realizing that I couldn’t go and play with my friends, I settled for the next best thing. My brother. I was running through my house in Nepal as my one year and nine months old brother was chasing me on his chubby legs. He tripped and fell on his face and I found super funny. And since it was caused by himself he did not cry. (Side-note: have you noticed that toddlers do not cry when they hurt themselves and they think there is no one around to console them? If someone is in the vicinity that they hurt themselves in, then they will bawl their eyes out.)  I went over to him laughing and to check if he was alright. He was, thankfully, so I didn’t get in trouble for ‘hurting’ my brother.

I remember the first time that I went to school in the United States. I was super nervous and didn’t know what to do. I got to the bus stop almost twenty minutes early (because my parents are very punctual) with my mom. I new that the bus that was going to pick me up was called the ‘green bus’, but in my mind the bus was literally green. So it was a huge surprise to me when a yellow bus came rolling along. The bus driver had to reassure me almost ten times that it was the right bus and I wasn’t going to the wrong place. It drove me to school, rumbling along an picking other kids, most of whom were older than me. I sat by myself in the front right behind the bus driver, too scared to divulge into the world of other children. When we pulled up to the school, I was awed by its elemental majestic beauty. The soaring spires that decked the upper floors and the eloquent windows embedded themselves into my mind forever. The shape of the building wasn’t the only thing that took my breath away. The busy bustle and jumble everyday life of 2nd grade did too. Everyone was running around, doing whatever they liked and I just sat in a corner by myself because I did not know how to speak english.

Both of these memories are one of my favorite memories to visit. They warm me up and make me smile every time I think about them.


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