Musical Opinions

In today’s world music is more prominent in everyday life than ever before. It is almost abnormal to see someone without headphones wherever you go. But, their are some who attach, wearing headphones or listening to a certain kind of music as a juvenile thing to do. I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I say this because I think there’s room for all music.
Back when the previous generation listened to music, they were used to hearing voices like Sinatra express lovely thoughts and when they listen artists like Jay-Z they automatically assume its junk because he uses vulgar language and doesn’t sing. But, when you listen to an artist like Jay-Z and write it off as “junk”, it’s like looking at a poem and saying it has no meaning. The point I’m trying to convey is that some rap music isn’t just skin deep.

Let’s look at a song like “99 Problems.” Most would look at the lyrics and say that he is simply cursing mindlessly and disrespecting women but that is not his intention at all. When he says “b*****” he isn’t referring to women but rather too police dogs and in the song he narrates an encounter he had with a police officer in New Jersey who pulled him over and interrogated him for no actual reason besides the fact that he was African American. Granted he was driving a car that was lined with Marijuana, but we all have to start somewhere. But, later after the song was analyzed there were many other accounts found of New Jersey police officers pulling people over based on race. So rather than talking about women he is making a commentary on racial profiling.

If we took at a classic like “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra. The meaning is more obvious and the song is free from obscenities, which is most likely why it is more widely appreciated that a song like “99 Problems”. But, the way I see it we don’t have anyone like Sinatra to make music anymore and what I think everyone needs to see is that “music changes” and that we need to “change right along with it.”

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