Hi There Neighbor?

Very interesting perspective. I especially liked the thought challenging questions in the first paragraph. It really made me question myself and my friendship to my peers. She states that everyone has a ‘look’, or feel to others, yet these ‘looks’ may differ with every person and may not even be who you TRULY are.

Also Sophie touches on very important thought. The one where we judge people before stepping into their shoes. We do not know what they are going through and what kinds of hardships they are enduring. That view can also be reversed. I might be callous in saying this. If something happens and everyone is sad and feeling down, and someone has something good happen to them, than who are we to get slightly angry at their happiness. I know that I sometimes get slightly annoyed when I get back a test that the whole class bombed, but someone was successful and I resent their happiness.

Anyways, this is a very interesting slightly ‘long-read’ and I recommend it to everyone.

Look At Things Different

Guess Who I AmGuessGuess Who I Am

Do you know the person next to you?

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