How to Break the Awkward Silence In Group Hangouts

I found this post on my friends blog and I thought it was really cool because it attacks multiple issues in life. First of all, we have all had those awkward moments and not known what to do but after reading this blog I have a couple of legitimate conversation starters. As well as doing helping a common problem, it address an even larger one. It mentions how people are stuck on their phones. But it provides a simple solution, instead of sitting by yourself on your phone share what you are doing so you can enjoy it with whoever you are with.

Inspire Your Face

people on their phones

It happens quite often when I sit with a group of friends, hanging out…but we aren’t really hanging out.. We’re all looking at the screens on our phone. It happened to me once where it was with my cross country team and all we did was sat their staring at our video, or game, etc. I personally don’t like it once I come to the realization of it but I too am guilty of it. It’s at those times where I think to myself, “What has come of this generation?.. What are we doing just sitting here, on our phones, and not having an actual conversation?” That’s when I make my attempt at trying to break the silence.

“So guys, what’s for practice today?..”

“40 minute run.”

“Cool,” I reply, “So….”

At that point I knew this conversation was to heavy to carry and that they didn’t really care to…

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