Aww, Farewell. Or Is It?

What is the worst thing in the world? Well maybe not the worst thing cause there’s still cancer, poverty, and other calamities, but perhaps it falls in the top one hundred. Watching a really good show, getting really attached to it, spending all your free time watching it. Then it ends. That feeling of utter depression. Feeling of deprivation. Sadness.

This is the exact feeling I have right now due to the school year coming to an end. Granted, I do spend all summer break dreading the start of school and all the other vacations that we have through out the year are started in ecstasy, but end in dismay. A new thing that I started this school year due to my English teacher is creating this blog. His name is David Theriault (side note this teacher is in my top five teachers list because of his unorthodox teaching style that hit me like a truck at the start). He also has a blog and you can access it from here.

Mr. Theriault had us start our blogs two weeks into the year and at first I was like, “What the h***!!”. Blogs started out as something that was fun and different but soon turned into the the work of the Devil. Blogging as I have heard it was enjoyable, but having it as an assignment attached a negative aspect to it.  Going home and sitting in front of the computer every Monday night in order to get it done wasn’t the great feeling that I had heard about blogging. Blogging was hell.

But what I never realized was how fun blogging actually was. As the school year is ending and I have another assignment for a reflection blog post on my blog, I have begun to go through the blogs that I have written and witness myself changing. I see certain blog posts, like my one about the Importance Of Running, and reflect back to that time when I had read a super thought provoking book about running and different type of shoes. They had inspired the blog post and ‘granted’ me the beautiful innovation of thoughts to present to the world.

These blog posts also help me see how my writing has evolved. I picked up a lot of techniques (credits to Mr. Theriault) this year and it has heavily impacted my writing. Starting out the year, my blog posts had good topics but didn’t have the hook or the flow needed to capture a readers attention. This was slowly fixed and improved throughout the year and it all came together in the latest blogs. I can see this in Tejas’s writing too.

At first I was skeptical about blogging, but hands down the it was the best teacher to me in terms of how to write a piece of work that would captivate the audience in the real world. The most important thing that I now realize is TO HAVE AN INTERESTING TITLE. Well, you also need a strong start to your blog, but most important is that initial interest towards the subject you are writing about. I also learned that having an engaging picture near the start of the blog helps draw in the attention of the reader.

I will definitely use these new skills in everything I can. In the global conversation it is really hard to catch someones attention due to the massive amount of content that is constantly created and everyone reaching for attention. So, if I even get one view or acknowledgement from anyone that would be huge because I would have distinguished myself from the billions in the world.

There are also things I learned that are unique to the Internet blogging style that worked for me. The simplest one was instead of tagging whatever starting with a capital letter, it is better to do it with a lower case letter cause more people search up words with lowercase letters. Also, using bright pictures with lots of colors really worked because my blog theme background made them pop and looked aesthetically more pleasing.

This whole blogging experience has been a wild roller coaster and to be honest, I wouldn’t do anything different. The crazy blog posts in the beginning that didn’t make a whole bunch of sense and were just theoretical analogies that popped into my head. Just being myself. That was just part of the learning process and maturing as a writer. If I was to tell a fairly new blogger advice about blogging, I would say to write whatever you want to write about, have no filter, and let your ideas flow.

I am so glad that Mr. Theriault had his student do blog posts because it opened up a whole another door the size of a castle that I didn’t even know existed. The only thing that I would recommend to him is to not make it so deadline rigid because it takes some of the fun out of blogging and expressing your ideas. The creative part of blogging cannot shine when it is dampened by a deadline at 11:59 Monday morning.

After this school year ends I hope to continue writing on my blog. It has been an enlightening experience that I want to continue, but may not be able to due to the amount of things that I am doing. My summer is PACKED. Super excited. Peace.

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