In my English class we recently had a brawl. Before you assume their was a massive fight in a school, let me clarify that a brawl is a form of debate.


I found it quite beneficial for several reasons. First of all, it helped me concoct my own ideas about ethical dilemmas in today’s world. One of the questions was one my group thought of where we said is it okay to enact vengeance on someone who wrongs you. I personally am I believer in karma (the belief that whatever you do comes back to you; good or bad) so using that logic I feel like that you have the right and the RESPONSIBILITY to enact vengeance.

The book we associated with this brawl was “All Quiet On The Western Front” and I found making questions that relate to real world situations that relate to the book helped me appreciate the book and the atrocities of war.  Not only this, but in our second round of the brawl I found many quotes that associate to the issues and my answers such as…

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”

This is useful cause I know have a stockpile of quotes that are meaningful to me to use in future writings. Not only this as I looked more and more into the origin of these quotes I gained some valuable information on human psychology. For example, a commonality in all the quotes done by older generations had something to do with the value of handwork and effort, while today’s quotes focused more on building character of individuals.

One thing I did NOT enjoy about these brawls was the group aspect. In our first brawl we were unlucky enough to be chosen to answer the question we understood the least and usually if I were in a situation like this I would have played of what the group opposed to me said instead what happened was one of my partners said “Bush dropped the towers” and still have no idea how that was relevant to our debate. In the second round, one of my group members talked to another group for all of our class time while me and my other group member formulated answers and responses. We did not complete all the questions so I simply asked my group to answer two questions while I answered the other four. They answered one and I ended up answering five. Sure enough on the day of brawl, the question that was chosen was the one I did not answer and while we ended up making a good and what I felt was winning argument we still lost for what I can only attribute to lack of preparation.

Anyways despite the group aspect I found this to be an enriching experience.


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