Like Flying A Kite

If I had to describe my blogging experience I would compare it to flying a kite. I’m not sure if this is just me but whenever I attempt to fly a kite it takes me forever to get the thing in the air, but once its in the air its a whole new struggle, keeping it there, but once I complete these to Herculean tasks its smooth sailing and nothing but smiles. When I try and start a blog it takes me what seems like an eternity to come up with an idea and then I spend the remainder of my lifetime finding a creative or unique way to articulate the idea.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 9.13.53 PM

This blog taught me a lot about speaking to audience and communicating ideas though the internet. One of the main things I learned is that people don’t care what you think unless you make them care about by hooking them with an idea or comparison that is intriguing. For example, in my blog where I compared Malcolm X and Martin Luther King I ended it by talking about an idea that is important to me which is negative arguments that attack a certain group aren’t as effective as positive arguments that bring your own argument up. While I consider Martin Luther King a remodel I have no specific fascination with him where I would want to write a whole blog about him, but other people would want to read that blog, so I simply connected my own ideas with the topic. Also, I learned that if you put a call to action on social media people will respond and get involved. In my blog where I encouraged people to help Nepal I mentioned how I collected money and I found just by publicizing the issue via Facebook it received a lot of attention and helped us raise money. In summation it helped me learn how to make my voice heard.

I do have a couple regrets with my blog though. The main one would be is not articulating my idea’s well and having boring writing. In some of my post in the beginning I just talked about ideas I how about life and the world instead of making it applicable to a real world situation. My favorite blogs where when I talked about sports and then talked about virtues or disciplines in the end and I wish I did more blogs of that nature and to anyone who were to make a blog like this one I would advise them to connect things they like to real world issues because that is the easiest and best writing you can do. Finally, in regards to my teacher who monitored and graded this blog I say to him, in order for this to be a viable teaching method you need to be better about monitoring the content of the blogs, instead of skimming them on a whim. -Tejas

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