XC Cross Country Project

XC Cross Country is the best. For those that know cross country I just said Cross Country Cross Country is the best. An inside joke between my friends and I.

You gotta be a little crazy to run XC. I mean, running over seven miles a day, day in and day out you gotta have something wrong with yourself. But hands down cross country (at least in my school) is the best sport atmosphere wise.

Other sports like football and basketball both seem to have that ‘jock’ kinda aspect to it. Having a bunch of guys that are just trying to show off isn’t fun to be around. Tennis seems like it has too many people that are too studious and don’t know how to unwind and have fun. Wrestling seemed like it is fun with the team bonding aspect, but that was kinda ruined when one of my friends that was on wrestling said that the people there are kinda mean. Even Track, the closest thing to XC, is no where close. For example, at out track banquet (cross country becomes distance track in the spring) every time a track person was called up, there would be polite clapping. On the other hand every time a cross country member was called there would be a bunch of cheers and loving lines shouted out. Way more fun to be XC.Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.52.10 PM

So, when my English teacher, Mr. Theriault, announced that we were going to be doing an ‘Innovation Project’ I immediately knew that I wanted to do something along the lines of running. I wasn’t sure entirely what, but I had some ideas like maybe hosting a 5K in association to my school. With a little guidance from Mr. T, I settled on doing a ‘Get To Know XC’ meeting with the 8th graders that were to be incoming freshmen. So, with my ever present partner, Tejas we decided to cast off on this endeavor.

First of all, we had to make flyers. Flyers were key to spreading the word. To be honest, I thought that my flyers were pretty cool. It’s just that the coolness blinded me to the fact that there wasn’t enough information on it…  First, I didn’t realize that the park we were staging the meeting at had eleven different lakes, but thank got there were only two that most knew of. 

We went and posted them on campus of the middle schools at first, but we encountered a problem. We needed school permission in order to do that and that took time we didn’t have. We talked to the vice principal at one of the middle schools and through him we got to have it on the daily announcements. The rest of the flyers we hung up around the schools. We also made sure we weren’t intruding on any CIF rules. 

On the day of the meeting my friends and I got there an hour early so we could send some people to the other major lake. We {think we} found all the people that were to attend the meeting. We told them about summer camp and what to expect. 

I definitely want to do this again next year. It could potentially help out XC team SO MUCH. I am grateful to Mr. Theriault for coming up with this idea because this is something that Tejas and I have decided to do for the next two years that we are in HS. 

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