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A common belief in life is that once you leave high school, you choose your field and essentially stick with it till you retire. Anyone who doesn’t follow this path is often looked down upon because they “quit” what they initially thought they would do. But just because you don’t follow through with something doesn’t mean you crashed the car it just means you took a wrong turn.

Jimmy Graham

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The captivating taste of a doughnut. The slightly crusty glazed outside with the soft, almost creamy, inside. The taste that takes many into another world of taste and enlightenment. That taste, I had not experienced until I was the age of nine.

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Rainy Days

Its that time of year again when sky gets darker, lights become brighter, and the smell of hot chocolate fills the air. Its that time where people really feel the holiday spirit. It may be hard to believe but here in California, land of the tan surfers, we feel it too. In California, we don’t have snow blanket the streets, or ice on the windows, but we do get some pretty intense winds and the occasion rainy day. Its on these rainy days that I really feel the holiday spirit the most.

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The Little Things

Their are so many little things that give us happiness. I find it interesting how people spend all this time and effort to get things when they could be gaining the same happiness from something that would be insignificant in the eyes of another person. For example, I once went to the dollar tree and purchased a small toy gun with a ball attached to it with a string so when u shot people the ball comes back. For most people that toy would seem like a piece of junk but it manages to provide me with endless pleasure.


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Old and Hard

I recently read a poem in which the main idea was to remain flexible, and its reason why was quite interesting. In the poem, it compared humans to plants because like plants in our early life we are small and bendable. I think the message that the writer was attempting convey in this comparison is that not only are babies fragile they are very receptive to new ideas and knowledge. The poem continued to compare older people to trees saying that they are stiff and rigid. The message in this comparison was that once people are older they are set in their old ways and do not accept new ideas, like a tree they are immovable.

An issue that this really got me thinking about is same sex marriage. Personally, I believe people should be allowed to marry regardless of race, gender, religion or whatever ridiculous reason people can think of. But, for some reason same sex marriage is not legal in everywhere and I believe the reason for this is older people’s views. The comedian Aziz Ansari put it the best when he said if you look at all the demographics against same sex marriage they’re all going to be dead soon, but if you ask young people they don’t care at all. So, going back to poem, old people are stiff and rigid like trees.So going back to the poem, that is why I believed it when it said old people are rigid and stuck in their old ways. The lesson to be learned from this is not only, to support the rights of homosexual people, but to be accepting of all lifestyles. Whenever you see something you don’t fully understand, don’t disregard it and call it wrong, but be like a sapling, be flexible and welcome the idea before you completely disregard it as wrong.

Mood for Music

I avidly listen to music because I find music has the ability to intensify any emotion or thought I have. This has become so true for me that I am unable to listen to music and be completely thoughtless because whatever I listen too, my mind makes some kind of connection to an event or idea I have had previously.’s look at the song Jungle, as an example. When I hear this song my blood starts pumping, my head starts bobbing to the beat, everything becomes epic, I feel like I can fight in a UFC fight, and I remember when I punched a goalie in the face for stepping on my hand and the glory I felt watching him fall to the ground. Not only that, it reflects the mood I’m in. When I’m listening to this song I’m usually trying to pump myself up before a race or channeling my anger into pull ups. This is just one example of how music affects my mood.

Another song that hits home is That’s Life by Frank Sinatra. This song makes me feel a nostalgic, old timey happiness that no other song can. When the great Sinatra sings,” Many times I thought of quitting baby, but my heart wont buy it,” I can’t help the smile that forces its way onto my face. I listen to this song whenever I think of my family back in India and I am reminded of the good times we have had. I challenge anyone to listen to this song and not smile.!Say_my_name.jpg

The final song that makes me think is Say My Name by Destiny’s Child. While this song doesn’t cause as passionate an emotional response as the previous songs I mentioned, it does make my laugh and the reason why I don’t know myself. I try to listen to this song if I have to be “sassy” or “fabulous” for a presentation or debate where I have to take on the role of another person. I remember one particular time, I took on the role of a strong independent women, who was defending her “man” because the factory he worked out was being relocated.

A final thought I want to leave you with is that music is a lot more than singing and a beat. Music has the power to make you cry or make you smile, or remember the time you punched the goalie in the face for stepping on your hand and how awesome it felt to punch him. -Tejas