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2015 (not 2014)

New Year, New Me! (I hate that phrase with a burning passion)

I have now made it my life goal to never say those words again and shun everyone (for a brief amount of time if I like them, longer if I don’t) that ever utters those words again.

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Iphone 6, the new Apple computer, or the for some the new 2015 Shelby GT250. What do they all have in common?

The manufacturing and marketing companies have brainwashed our society and people into believing that what they have isn’t enough. For example, as the new Samsung Galaxy 5 came out a few months ago. I, then and still now had the Samsung Galaxy 4. I remember wanting the S5 so bad, yet my S4 worked perfectly and could do almost all the things that the S5 could do.

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Raining/Cold Weather And Its Stigma

Why do people not like to venture out into the world when it is raining? I believe that it is because of what we experience when we are children.

Our mothers (or guardians) have brainwashed it into our brains. They have placed a image that going outside while it is raining or cold will make you sick. That is a total lie. People get sick in the winter because people tend to hole up inside their houses and bacteria is spread all that easier. They do not have the proper ventilation in side of their homes and, what causes the most trouble is, the heating system. The dry air leads to dry nasal passage ways and that helps in giving viruses a “toehold” in your system. Read more here.

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Prostitution And Its Illegality

(I am writing this blog from the United States)

Prostitution should be legal. This is just a straight, very reasonable fact. This is not from some weird self motive, but concrete logical thinking. Legalizing prostitution would bring change to the community in ways that we can only imagine.

The most prominent change that it would cause is the levels of STD’s to fall. This might sound counter intuitive, but statistics show otherwise. In Canada, where prostitution is legal, about .2% of the population is infected with HIV and in Germany, where it is also legal, it is .091%. In the United States the percentage of the population infected with HIV is 4.6%.


The number of people infected with HIV for every 100,000 persons.

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Confidence. I believe that confidence is the key to life. If you want to do anything, then do it with confidence. Confidence leads to success. When ever I do anything, such as a presentation or even if I am running a race, I try to do it with confidence. If I am on the starting line for a 5k and I am thinking, “I’m gonna beat everyone one my team, and every one in the race.” then I will have a great race. I remember one time I was racing in my first varsity race at the Woodbridge Invitational (the second biggest cross country race in the world) and I thought, “I am going to be the fastest sophomore in this race and I will beat my previous personal best by a huge margin.” I ended up beating my personal best by over 40 seconds and I ended up as the 7th fastest sophomore.

An example of someone with massive amounts of confidence was Steve Prefontaine.

Steve Prefontaine was arguably one of the best amateur runners that ever lived. Coming into his freshman year in college he wanted to be the fastest mile runner that ever lived. As a junior in high school, he had dreamed of going to Munich four years later and racing in the Olympics that were going to be hosted there. He told his mom one day in his junior year in high school, “I’m going to Munich four years from now.” Sure enough he did. He raced in the 5000 meter race and finished fourth place. His mentality for the race was “go for the gold and nothing for the gold.”  His coach later quoted, “Steve could have race for the bronze or the silver and he would have gotten it, but nothing made me as proud as seeing him go for gold.”

Confidence will take anyone places. In all areas such as taking a test, doing a job interview, or even talking to girls(if you are a guy). Have you ever heard the phrase, “Talk to girls with confidence. Girls like confidence.” Confidence shows that you are sure of yourself, and that is attractive. Confidence leads to success.