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Can I Hit You With A Baseball Bat?

Every so often, there comes along a special person who has the remarkable ability to make me want to drill fingers through my eyes. Whenever that special person comes along I think “How bad would it be if I hit you with a bat.” When I say how bad, I am saying what would the punishment be because, I could kill someone with a bat but, what if I just seriously injured them. The gray area in our justice system lies in that precise scenario, because a situation like this would became a trial for attempted murder, and a person who fully intended to kill that person could get away with it and serve a much lighter sentence. So what is stopping me from hitting someone with a baseball bat if I don’t care about a little jail time or a fine, nothing.


I believe the only way to stop me from hitting someone with a bat would be to have a better prevention system. At this moment (unless I was in somewhere like Dubai where they cut off the hands of thieves and have essentially scared everyone straight) I could go around hitting people with bats, but I wouldn’t if we had a more active police force or if their was a bigger punishment for even small crimes.

“Innocent until proven guilty”

This quote bothers me because it means a crime has to occur, because you can only be guilty if you have done something. So my solution would be to have a more active police force because if you stop a crime for ever happening then you don’t have to worry about who did what, its black and white. I know this is easier said than done, but it can be done.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 8.40.26 PM
We can do better than this.

We can accomplish this goal if we employ more officers and keep more of them around in places where people are falling victim to urban violence like Inglewood, Chicago or we can use our system where people fall victim to urban violence, mothers lose their children, and criminals are back on the streets. To answer the question I started this with, I would say in our current society, I can hit you with a baseball bat.


Be A Wolf

I often have friends tell me they didn’t do certain things for the fear of what people say. I respond by saying that is absolute foolishness. A quote that explains my thought process when saying this is

“Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.”

What this quote is literally saying is that wolves don’t concern themselves with the opinion of sheep because they are indisputably superior to the sheep. Also, sheep most likely lose sleep over wolves which I think symbolizes the idea “if you got a problem with me, its your problem” which may same as arrogant and narrow minded but allow me to expand on this thought. The reason I think this way, is because I believe their are too many important things in the world and too little opportunities for happiness to drive yourself crazy over the thoughts of others. I am not saying not to listen to anyone’s criticism and live in a dream world, but rather listen to the important stuff and put anything that doesn’t out of your mind.


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