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A Great Way To Improve Your Life Style

“You just ran 4:58!” — Coach Penell

Running, more specifically distance running, has always been the sport that I have done. The first time I was submerged into the fantastic world of running was in my 8th grade year. Track tryouts had come and I tried out for sprints. I was above average and I made the sprinting team, but as events followed I did not hear the sprint coaches call my name when the sprinters and distance runners were being separated. As fate would have it, I was introduced to distance running. Right away it was apparent that I was good at it. I would pull away from fellow runners during workouts. I would run faster in races. My distance running career had started.

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Iphone 6, the new Apple computer, or the for some the new 2015 Shelby GT250. What do they all have in common?

The manufacturing and marketing companies have brainwashed our society and people into believing that what they have isn’t enough. For example, as the new Samsung Galaxy 5 came out a few months ago. I, then and still now had the Samsung Galaxy 4. I remember wanting the S5 so bad, yet my S4 worked perfectly and could do almost all the things that the S5 could do.

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Pessimism vs. Realism

An obvious difference between these two terms are their definitions. Pessimistic is defined as tending to see the worst aspect of things or believing that the worst will happen. Realistic is specified as showing a practical idea of what can be expected.

So why are they both used in the same light?

Nowadays, people of all ages have failed to differentiate the meaning of looking at a situation realistically and looking at it negatively.

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Prostitution And Its Illegality

(I am writing this blog from the United States)

Prostitution should be legal. This is just a straight, very reasonable fact. This is not from some weird self motive, but concrete logical thinking. Legalizing prostitution would bring change to the community in ways that we can only imagine.

The most prominent change that it would cause is the levels of STD’s to fall. This might sound counter intuitive, but statistics show otherwise. In Canada, where prostitution is legal, about .2% of the population is infected with HIV and in Germany, where it is also legal, it is .091%. In the United States the percentage of the population infected with HIV is 4.6%.


The number of people infected with HIV for every 100,000 persons.

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Old and Hard

I recently read a poem in which the main idea was to remain flexible, and its reason why was quite interesting. In the poem, it compared humans to plants because like plants in our early life we are small and bendable. I think the message that the writer was attempting convey in this comparison is that not only are babies fragile they are very receptive to new ideas and knowledge. The poem continued to compare older people to trees saying that they are stiff and rigid. The message in this comparison was that once people are older they are set in their old ways and do not accept new ideas, like a tree they are immovable.

An issue that this really got me thinking about is same sex marriage. Personally, I believe people should be allowed to marry regardless of race, gender, religion or whatever ridiculous reason people can think of. But, for some reason same sex marriage is not legal in everywhere and I believe the reason for this is older people’s views. The comedian Aziz Ansari put it the best when he said if you look at all the demographics against same sex marriage they’re all going to be dead soon, but if you ask young people they don’t care at all. So, going back to poem, old people are stiff and rigid like trees.So going back to the poem, that is why I believed it when it said old people are rigid and stuck in their old ways. The lesson to be learned from this is not only, to support the rights of homosexual people, but to be accepting of all lifestyles. Whenever you see something you don’t fully understand, don’t disregard it and call it wrong, but be like a sapling, be flexible and welcome the idea before you completely disregard it as wrong.

The Best Is Yet To Come.

As a people we are obsessed with the best. My problem with that is that “being the best” is a relative term because you can only say something is the best out of what you know, when their is be more than you know and to come. For example, people used to think Michael Jordan was the best basketball player that would ever be but then came Kobe and Lebron and people thought twice before saying anything. So why, why do we still obsess over what the best is when we know someday there will be someone or something that is better than the best. My theory is that people can’t let there be things of equal greatness because then they don’t know what to root for. We can use my basketball example again because many people are fans of Lebron, Kobe, and Jordan for the simple reason that they are the best. Also I believe people like arguing over who or what the best is. I know I have argued with my brother on multiple occasions because we disagree on who is better Ronaldo or Messi. Also, if we were nearing the beginning of the NBA playoffs and you turned on sports center I can guarantee they will be comparing Lebron to Jordan.


The point I want to make with this seemingly incoherent paragraph is that their is no point arguing over the best. Their will never be a day where people will be able to say Jordan is the definitive best player in NBA history. Also, we may think Lebron, Kobe, or Jordan are the best but in a couple of years we will argue over the new stars in the NBA. But, of course this is just one example and the idea is that we can’t recognize anything as the best because we don’t know what the best is. So, instead of arguing about the best anything, save your breath because no one can truly know what the best is. A final thought I want to leave you with is that you shouldn’t only admire the best, but have a healthy respect for everything.-Tejas