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Help Nepal

As most of you may know a huge earthquake devastated Nepal and his killed and dislocated countless people. This really hit home for me because my partner on this blog his family in Nepal, who luckily weren’t badly affected, and I myself have family in India who felt it even though they were a ways away from the epicenter. So, after talking with my partner in this blog we decided that we should try and help the situation however we can.

So the next day we brought jars and envelops and asked each of our classes if they would be kind enough to donate. Initially we expected to not make much and that we would receive nothing more than pocket change. But we were so wrong. When I made my quick announcement and watched my envelope go around I was amazed to see people were contributing as much as twenty dollars per person. It was a truly beautiful thing to see, because it would have been so easy for all of them to simply pass it along without giving it so much as a second thought but instead I saw people cleaning out their wallets asking me if they could bring money tomorrow or if their was any limit to how much they could donate or if they could collect money themselves and give it to us. My parents encountered a lot of hardships when they first arrived to this country and they said the only thing that kept them going was seeing the general goodness in humanity which I never understood until today.

I apologize for the poor picture quality.
One of our two sets of collection materials.

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Help Nepal!

If you haven’t already heard, there was a massive earthquake in Nepal. It registered on the Richter scale to be about a 7.9 magnitude. Over 3800 people have already died and hundreds of thousands have been dislocated.This is the largest earthquake in that region in over eighty years. I am originally from the country of Nepal and I do have some family living there. I heard of the news late friday night from the sound of my dad frantically moving and trying in anyway to reach his parents in Nepal through phone. Thankfully all of my relatives were the lucky few who survived without any injuries or fatalities. We were also lucky enough to not have any damage to our homes, at least the damages that can be seen visually from the exterior. Others were not as lucky. In a particular village there used to be around 1400 homes standing. After the main earthquake and a few aftershocks, only four were left standing.

Help is coming though from various countries and organizations. The greatest help is coming straight from the affected people the communities. They are placing their whole lives on hold and are spending hours and hours along side each other to find victims that are trapped, or to raise the alarm to people that are still inhabiting buildings that are in danger of collapsing. Aid is coming from countries such as Canada, The United States, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The U.S. and Canada combined have donated over fourteen million dollars for relief. India and Pakistan have sent troops to help set up tent communities and temporary shelters for people. Organizations such as UNICEF and the Red Cross are also there for their emergency aid.

I have also attempted to help the people. I saw that my dad donated money to the Red Cross online. I had a great idea then to ask my fellow classmates and my teachers for donations for relief programs in Nepal. I got an outstanding reaction with people donating into the three digits on the very first day!

There is many things that we can do to help, but the fastest and most reliable way is to DONATE MONEY! I implore everyone to donate any amount of money to organizations such as UNICEF or Red Cross. Every little bit makes a difference and every little bit may be the difference between a small child living or starving to death.

What Should Be Done

Imagine walking the distance equivalent, to that of Detroit to Los Angeles in just one year. That was the reality for James Robertson. Every single day he had to walk a total of 21 miles to get to work and back because he couldn’t afford to get his car fixed and every single day a wealthy banker saw him walk until one day he offered him a ride. The banker learned his story and decided to share it out on Free Press. A young college student learned his story and had to help, so he created a fund to help James Robertson buy a car. In just one month he raised 350,000 dollars for James Robertson and the generous people at a Ford dealership gave him a Red Ford Tarus, free of charge. Today, James Robertson is enjoying his new apartment outside of the dangerous Detroit area he previously lived in and a well deserved time of leisure after ten years of hard work.

James Robertson making his twenty one mile trek to work.

“You should never be proud of doing what’s right. You should just do what’s right.”-Dean Smith

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Why do people hurt themselves?

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I recently read the Oedipus plays and a reoccurring theme in the novel is hurting yourself. In Oedipus the King, Jacoste kills herself and Oedipus blinds himself. In Oedipus at Colonus, Polyninces essentially condemns himself to death. Finally, In Antigone, Antigone kills herself. So this left me with the question, why do we hurt ourselves. This question really hit home for me because a friend of used to cut herself/himself because of depression. So after a lot of thinking I realized people hurt themselves because of an overwhelming flood of emotions that causes them to act rashly. For example in Oedipus the King, Oedipus blinds himself. He does this because he learns his wife is also his mother and she had just killed herself. He was hysterical after learning this disturbing information and channeled his emotions by taking out his own eyes, an action anyone in their right mind would regret. Also in Oedipus the King, his wife and mother Jocasta kills herself when Oedipus attempts to learn the truth about his past and his destiny because he does not yet know who Jocasta is. These two examples show how a flood of emotions cause someone to act rashly.  In the second play Oedipus at Colonus, Oedipus’ son Polyninces condemns himself to death because he goes to war and essentially tells his sisters that he wants them to bury him because he knows he is going to die. While he doesn’t appear to be distraught in the book he is a bit presumptuous in his decision because he acts as though his only possible faith is death. While his actions aren’t completely warranted they are somewhat justified because he had been betrayed by his brother, father, and country. In the final play Antigone, Antigone kills herself because she is overwhelmed by the idea of someone else controlling her fate she kills herself so she can still have some control over her life. A real world example of this is that of students in college. Often students, who can’t handle the stress of college payments, being reliant on themselves, and having a future controlled by themselves kill themselves as a release from the stress. In summation, people hurt themselves because they can’t handle the overwhelming emotions of their lives, so they act rashly.

In order to find the answer to a question like this you need to use multiple resources. The first resource I used was the internet. I found many interesting things such as personal accounts of people who dealt with situations that correspond to this question. The information I gained from this is that most suicides occur because of pent up emotion that isn’t channeled correctly. I also found out how people went about solving their problems. Some people went to therapists, some to medication, some to friends and family, and sadly some to hurting themselves or committing suicide. Another interesting idea I heard was that people hurt themselves because they feel inadequate and use this as a form of punishment.For example, I read an article about a student who killed himself because he did not get into any colleges. Another example, was of someone who felt they let down their family because she was inferior to her older sister so she began cutting herself to punish herself. Finally I found a video that spoke about suicide and the reasons people commit suicide, which I have attached below if you would like to see it. Something I found interesting in it was that he said those who commit suicide and survive often say the second the jumped they regretted it, which backs up my idea that people hurt themselves because they can’t handle the overwhelming emotions, and act RASHLY. Also he mentioned he had only lost two people in all his time speaking to suicide jumpers. I found this interesting because here these people are just one step away from death, but after talking to a total stranger for a couple hours they are convinced not too. The conclusion I drew from this is that people don’t really want to hurt themselves they just don’t know what to do about their problems.

Another resource I used to find the answer to my question was my family. While my brother and father had nothing to say on the topic that I hadn’t already heard or thought myself, my mother told me some interesting things about my own family’s dealings with this topic. In order for you to understand the story I’m about to tell you, you should know some history about the time. During the time of the incident that occurred to my family, India and Pakistan were undergoing a series of violent riots because of religious and border disputes. The actual incident involved my grandfather’s family. During a large riot, Pakistan and Muslim extremists killed many Indian Hindus. The specific details of the riot I do not have because I did not want to pester my mother about such a delicate subject. But, this ties back into my family cause my grandfather lost his brother, sister, and his mother. The reason I am telling you this subject because apparently my grandfather’s sister was so traumatized by the violence that she took her own life by burning herself to death and my grandfather’s father(my great grandfather)took his own sight because he had seen so much death while looking for his wife’s and son’s bodies. The methods he used to take his sight I do not know because my mother seemed quite distraught retelling the story. I found this information useful as well because it not only should why people do these things, I was able to internalize it better because it was my own family. The specific things I got from this, were that like I previously people are overwhelmed by the emotions and they don’t know how to channel it because my grandfather’s sister set herself on fire because she couldn’t handle the death around her. Also, because my great grandfather blinded himself because he couldn’t find the bodies of his family an action I’m sure he regretted.

Finally, as I previously stated the reason people hurt themselves is because they are overwhelmed by their life and don’t know what to do with themselves so they make rash decisions.-Tejas