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Iphone 6, the new Apple computer, or the for some the new 2015 Shelby GT250. What do they all have in common?

The manufacturing and marketing companies have brainwashed our society and people into believing that what they have isn’t enough. For example, as the new Samsung Galaxy 5 came out a few months ago. I, then and still now had the Samsung Galaxy 4. I remember wanting the S5 so bad, yet my S4 worked perfectly and could do almost all the things that the S5 could do.

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Pessimism vs. Realism

An obvious difference between these two terms are their definitions. Pessimistic is defined as tending to see the worst aspect of things or believing that the worst will happen. Realistic is specified as showing a practical idea of what can be expected.

So why are they both used in the same light?

Nowadays, people of all ages have failed to differentiate the meaning of looking at a situation realistically and looking at it negatively.

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The World Through A Runners Eyes

There is an inference that runners(especially hardcore runners) only see other people as

Fat, lazy people that don’t do anything productive with their lives.



Well, I guess that they do sometimes (I know that I do….), but mostly i see people that could build themselves IF ONLY THEY RAN. My co-blog administrator(?) Tejas when I knew him couple years ago did not run. We went to school together and I kept on trying to convince him to join our schools cross country or track team. He did indeed join the next year and his excuse to me was that we did not know each other that well. He thoroughly enjoys running now (at least I think he does) and we run together whenever the opportunity arises.  Continue reading The World Through A Runners Eyes

The Best Is Yet To Come.

As a people we are obsessed with the best. My problem with that is that “being the best” is a relative term because you can only say something is the best out of what you know, when their is be more than you know and to come. For example, people used to think Michael Jordan was the best basketball player that would ever be but then came Kobe and Lebron and people thought twice before saying anything. So why, why do we still obsess over what the best is when we know someday there will be someone or something that is better than the best. My theory is that people can’t let there be things of equal greatness because then they don’t know what to root for. We can use my basketball example again because many people are fans of Lebron, Kobe, and Jordan for the simple reason that they are the best. Also I believe people like arguing over who or what the best is. I know I have argued with my brother on multiple occasions because we disagree on who is better Ronaldo or Messi. Also, if we were nearing the beginning of the NBA playoffs and you turned on sports center I can guarantee they will be comparing Lebron to Jordan.


The point I want to make with this seemingly incoherent paragraph is that their is no point arguing over the best. Their will never be a day where people will be able to say Jordan is the definitive best player in NBA history. Also, we may think Lebron, Kobe, or Jordan are the best but in a couple of years we will argue over the new stars in the NBA. But, of course this is just one example and the idea is that we can’t recognize anything as the best because we don’t know what the best is. So, instead of arguing about the best anything, save your breath because no one can truly know what the best is. A final thought I want to leave you with is that you shouldn’t only admire the best, but have a healthy respect for everything.-Tejas

Mood for Music

I avidly listen to music because I find music has the ability to intensify any emotion or thought I have. This has become so true for me that I am unable to listen to music and be completely thoughtless because whatever I listen too, my mind makes some kind of connection to an event or idea I have had previously.https://i1.wp.com/www.killerhiphop.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/jungleremix.jpgLet’s look at the song Jungle, as an example. When I hear this song my blood starts pumping, my head starts bobbing to the beat, everything becomes epic, I feel like I can fight in a UFC fight, and I remember when I punched a goalie in the face for stepping on my hand and the glory I felt watching him fall to the ground. Not only that, it reflects the mood I’m in. When I’m listening to this song I’m usually trying to pump myself up before a race or channeling my anger into pull ups. This is just one example of how music affects my mood.


Another song that hits home is That’s Life by Frank Sinatra. This song makes me feel a nostalgic, old timey happiness that no other song can. When the great Sinatra sings,” Many times I thought of quitting baby, but my heart wont buy it,” I can’t help the smile that forces its way onto my face. I listen to this song whenever I think of my family back in India and I am reminded of the good times we have had. I challenge anyone to listen to this song and not smile.


The final song that makes me think is Say My Name by Destiny’s Child. While this song doesn’t cause as passionate an emotional response as the previous songs I mentioned, it does make my laugh and the reason why I don’t know myself. I try to listen to this song if I have to be “sassy” or “fabulous” for a presentation or debate where I have to take on the role of another person. I remember one particular time, I took on the role of a strong independent women, who was defending her “man” because the factory he worked out was being relocated.

A final thought I want to leave you with is that music is a lot more than singing and a beat. Music has the power to make you cry or make you smile, or remember the time you punched the goalie in the face for stepping on your hand and how awesome it felt to punch him. -Tejas


Eyes Of A Child

Children are incredible. They have the ability to be completely original without thinking themselves foolish. Their are very few times when a person, older than what is considered adolescence, have an original thought and do not discredit themselves. As well as originality, children have the ability to look at life without being cynical and welcome new ideas. If we could look at life through eyes of a child I believe the world would be a much easier place to live in, because if we could look at an idea like, gay marriage, and not think “why are they doing that” people would feel more free to be who they really are. Also, if we had the confidence to display our ideas with pride and not hide them away because of what people might think, we would do the world a huge favor because many of the greatest ideas ever conceived were bad ideas in their time. The reason children are able to

do this so well is because they don’t think,”Would an Idiot do that?” Children simply don’t care what people think of them, an admirable quality. Why trouble yourself with the opinions of other people, when you could put them aside and feel great about yourself. When I say, you shouldn’t care about what people think of you, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t welcome any opinions, you should just tune out whatever can’t help you. That is where being older comes in handy. Unlike children who are unreceptive to criticism, adults have the ability to take that criticism and improve. An adult can turn a sloppy idea into a refined organized thought.

Before I end this let me leave you with some advice. Don’t be a pessimistic, cynical, drone. Do yourself a favor and look through the eyes of child. Be original, optimistic, and confident in not only your own abilities, but in others as well. The world looks a lot friendlier and a lot prettier through the eyes of a child. -Tejas

Our Community As Grapes

Grapes.What a wonderful creation by God (or a great evolution). They are lustrous with flavor and are quite good for your health. The small, packed, bubble of greatness embodies(in a figurative way) what many consider the “man”. Like a grape, a man needs to be fun and nice to be around and once you “break the ice” (or break the skin in terms of a grape), you should get a extravagant burst of fun and wonderful times.

Just like the metaphor of a single grape being the “idol of a man”, a cluster of grapes do metaphorically symbolize our society. Grapes grow on their mother tree and they are nurtured there. Just like grapes, our mothers (or who ever took care of us) were our tree an they fed and nurtured us. As for grapes, the sun is their father, they are reliant on the sun, yet the sun didn’t give birth to them and are not only emotionally attached to them, but also physically attached.

Just like us, grapes grow up in  a community filled with peers. They grow in a cluster of other grapes and near by there are even more colonies. Their period of developing is just like ours and until they are at the perfect period of time, they are not good. If the grapes are too old, then they will be squishy and not as fun to eat. Just like them, children can often be annoying when they are young. Young adults in our society are fun to be around as they are always energetic and have great ideas, and old people have fun stories, but they cannot do much as their bodies wont allow them to.

As in our society, grapes have the occasional “sour grape”. These people (and grapes) destroy the world instead of helping it. A “sour grape” or a grape that is infected with a diseases infects other grapes in the proximity. A bad influence in our society taint the children and others that we come in contact on a day to day basis. These people are not needed in our society, but sadly they exist.

A community of grapes are a great analogy for our society. They show many characteristics that we show (figuratively). Everyone could learn a few things from grapes and how they act. Bottom line is. Grapes. Are. Awesome.